Tuesday 29 April 2014

Ski School

Feel free to contact our experienced instructors of skiing and snowboarding, who will help both beginners and the advanced.

The variety of slopes in our center gives you an excellent opportunity to try the slopes of varying difficulty. From almost flat one, which is suitable for children up to the "racing" tracks, where we hold official ski races.

Our approach for training is individual, therefore we have no set opening hours. In agreement with you we match your requirements. In the case of multi-day course we will also provide accommodation and meals directly with us.

All of our instructors are fully certified.

Ski & snb school price list

Private lessons
1 hour
2 hours
3 hours
4 hours
1 person
450 Kč
800 Kč
1 100 Kč
1 450 Kč
2 persons
850 Kč
1 500 Kč
2 050 Kč
2 700 Kč
3 persons
1 050 Kč
1 800 Kč
2 500 Kč
3 300 Kč
  • Price does not include pass (in the case of beginners, we recommend point ticket) 
  • Prices for larger groups (over 10 people) set individually according to your requirements.


Do you have your ski equipment ready? If necessary, you can visit our ski and snowboard servis where we can repaire edges and base. And if you have no equipment at all, you can choose in our ski rental, where you can expect this year's older models of skis, snowboards, ski boots and other equipment and which, like the service is right on the slope, just opposite the chalet.