Tuesday 29 April 2014


Ski and recreational resort SKI PARK Grun is located in a relatively narrow stream valley Poledňana on the north-eastern flank of the Beskydy Gruň (at an altitude of 750 m above sea level) in the cadastral Gruň - Staré Hamry, Frýdek-Místek district, preserved in the unspoilt countryside of the second outer zone of sanitary water tank Šance.


  • The entire site is located in a protected landscape area Beskydy with specific requirements for the protection of the landscape setting. From the dam towards Masaryk Valley an educative footpath lead with animals and birds living in the Beskydy region.
  • From the access road towards Kozlena is a wonderful view of the whole panorama of the eastern valley and Lysa Hora . From the top Těšiňočky the view of east towards Visalaje and White Cross , south-east towards Slovakia , Mala Fatra and Rozsutec and to the south to the peaks of Beskydy forests towards Solan and Great Karlovice. 


  • Climatic conditions are particularly beneficial for winter recreation. 
  • The whole area falls within the “Lysa Hora” and by the climate division which is clasified mostly in cold, characterized by average temperatures of 3 ° - 6 ° C. Snow conditions are good. 
  • Number of days with snow cover is 110 - 140 
  • The average number of summer days from 20 to 40 
  • July temperatures range from 18 ° - 25 ° C, January from -2.5 ° to -6.5 ° C. 
Given the relatively good ski terrain and favorable snow conditions, high capacity of facilities and ski equipment and connection to the car parking, became the area in the valley Poledňana one of the most visited in Beskydy.

On resort you will find

  • Accommodation in 3 buildings 
  • Restaurant with good home cooking, bar and cottage
  • Cable car and 2 ski lifts with a total capacity of 3000 people per hour 
  • 4.3 km of slopes 
  • 2x red (homologated for the ski racing) 
  • 2x blue 
  • Ski and snowboard school for children and adults 
  • Service and rent of ski and snowboard 
  • Sauna 
All slopes are regularly maintained.

During January and March, we organize ski and snowboard races in all disciplines of downhill.